Miss Adira Dramatic Lashes

Need ideas on the perfect look to pair with our Miss Adira Lashes? Taylor (Of Taylor & Cambria) has created her own look with these Miss Adira Lashes. She has taken the time to break it down for us; what she used for her shadow combination and liner. 

***Miss Adira Lash Review: These short to long gradient lashes bring the drama to your eyes, whether used for a natural look or a full face of glam! The goal behind our Miss Adira's is to have a beautiful, versatile lash for any eye shape. 

***Eyeshadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Modern Renaissance palette) x Anastasia Beverly Hills (Soft Glam Palette).

***Eyeliner: Loreal lineur intense 710 Black with brush tip. 

    Hi beauties! I want to share with you how I achieved this quick, sparkly, mocha and gold look! I used to wear this look in high school and to this day, I love the way it turns our every time. Honestly, I'll probably love a glittery, mocha and gold look until the day I die. So, if you're ever short on time, have somewhere to be, and want to look like you've spent more time on your eyes than you actually did...keep on reading!

   Once you have a base down on your face and you're ready to start your eye look, you're gonna want to find a light shade to put all over your eye lid, crease, & brow bone. Ideally, pick a shade a little lighter than your skin tone to get a nice, even surface. I personally went with the shade "Tempora", from one of Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance palette. Next, I went in with my other ABH palette Soft Glam, mixing the shades "Burnt Orange" and "Rustic". I blended this in my crease until the edges were soft and then used a smaller eyeshadow brush to pack on the glitter! From this same palette, I used the shade "Glistening" on my lid, and with a few buffs it faded into the mocha color I laid down. 

   Once I saw that they were even on both sides, I did my eyeliner using Loreal Lineur Intense in 710 black, as a brush tip. Speaking of tips....*Tip* When applying black liquid liner, you always hear of all kinds of suggestions like using tape, or marking out where the line should go using small dots. While these tips are AMAZING for those entering the world of eyeliner, they do lack one crucial piece of help: knowing your applicator. I've seen girls do flawless wings with felt tip liners and others use brush tips for their perfect line. My advice: experiment and use what's most comfortable for you! 

   After liner, I went in with my favorite lash glue "Duo" on the lash band. They create a glue that is black to blend with liner, so you don't see white glue all over that beautiful black line you just drew! *Another Tip* Now I know you're excited to get those lashes on and draw the look together, but it's very important to wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before applying! The last thing you want is runny glue hurting your eyes! Lastly, apply your favorite mascara, on the bottom lashes and take some bomb selfies! Be sure to tag @Taylor.cambria on Instagram for your chance at a shoutout on our story! We can't wait to see the beautiful looks you come up with using our fabulous Miss Adira Dramatic Lashes! - Love Taylor


***Please note we are not being paid or asked to endorse any of the makeup products mentioned in this blog/post. These products were chosen at our model/artist's own discretion.***




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