Miss Camilla Dramatic Lashes

Need ideas on the perfect eyeshadow look to pair with our Miss Camilla Lashes? Then look no further. Taylor (Of Taylor & Cambria) has created her own stunning look with these full Miss Camilla Lashes. She has taken the time to break it down for us; what she used for her shadow combination and concealer. 

***Taylor's Miss Camilla Lashes review: This set of lashes can best be described as the product of Miss Alessia lashes and the Miss Brielle lashes combined! I was shocked to see these lashes literally touch my eyebrows! The good news is that while they're so long, they're still really wispy & natural looking. I think that because of the way these lashes were crafted, they would compliment any eye shape and NOT overpower your eyeshadow underneath. If you want to look like you paid good money for lash extensions, this is the pair for you because are so even and beautiful! 

***Eyeshadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Soft Glam Palette) x Jeffree Star's (Conspiracy Palette). 

***Concealer: Loreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer. 

    To begin this look, I plucked my overgrown quarantine brows. After laying down a good facial moisturizer, I concealed my whole eye area using Loreal's Infallible Full Wear Concealer. I then set my lids using the lightest shade "Tempura" from Anastasia Beverly Hills' Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette. Next, I used a medium brown shade " " from the same palette all over the crease, as my transition shade. Using the same brush, I dabbed lightly into a darker brown and focused it into the outer V of the lid and into the crease. This really added the smoky dimension that I wanted to contrast the bold green I was about to place in! Finally, I wet a small brush and packed on my shimmery green! I used Jeffree Star's "Conspiracy" shade from the Conspiracy Palette. I've always loved brown glitters that have a green shift in them, because it looks so holographic! So today I replicated that effect to pair with our Miss Camilla Lashes



***Please note we are not being paid or asked to endorse any of the makeup products mentioned in this blog/post. These products were chosen at our model/artist's own discretion.***


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