Miss Callan Magnetic Lashes (Holiday Glam)

   There are so many ways you can get creative with your makeup looks, especially when you have a set of beautiful lush lashes! Our Miss Callan Magnetic Lashes, come with 5 full sets of lashes, plus magnetic eyeliner and applicator. Taylor dove into her creative side once again, to create a look she knew would pair great with our Miss Callan Magnetic Lashes (Holiday Glam).

Eyeshadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Soft Glam Palette)

Eyeliner: Miss Callan's Magnetic Lashes-The Magnetic eyeliner is included with set. 

   I've been missing holiday get togethers more than usual lately, so in honor of one year of unusual sacrifices and lifestyles, I wanted to create a look that would be fitting for special festivities. I never realized before how much just getting ready for the day, (even when you don't want to), can add a sense of normality back into your routine! 

   So for today's magnetic lash look, I chose the classic burgundy and gold color combination, which is a great go-to staple in someone's makeup toolbox. Any palettes with these colors will work, but I used my tried and true Soft Glam palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Once you've put down your base and brows and are ready to start eyeshadow, it helps to use a really light eyeshadow shade to set the whole lid, and make it easier to blend colors on top of! After this step, I used a fluffy eyeshadow brush in the burgundy shade "Mulberry" and worked it into the crease, blending the edges to get a smooth smoky effect. Once I built up my desired darkness, I wet a small eyeshadow brush and packed on "Bronze", which is the gold with the most glitter from this palette. 

  Next, I looked down into an angled mirror to draw on my magnetic liner! After one minute, it gets to be dry enough to just stick the lashes right on top! I didn't have to cut them down to size, but it's totally okay to do that. Lastly, I put on some mascara on the bottom lashes and dusted some highlighter on my cheekbones. If choosing a lippie to wear with this, I would've gone for a vampy dark red or dark nude. Stay safe everyone and thank you for reading! -Love Taylor.


***Please note we are not being paid or asked to endorse any of the eyeshadow makeup products mentioned in this blog/post. These products were selected at our model/artist's own discretion.***


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