About Us

Thank you so much for showing interest in our company and brand! We would like for our customers to know who are, what we are about, and what our brand means to us.


We are two sisters that are passionate about anything that has to do with fashion, beauty, self care and woman empowerment. Ultimately, we hope that our products bring you happiness! In these times, women have to play so many roles. Mothers, teachers, cooks, bosses, wives, personal therapists, a shoulder to cry on and friend. The list could literally go on forever! That's why we think it is so important to stop every now and then, and remember YOU! We want to make sure you feel spoiled every time you make a purchase with us. Sometimes a small change to your old wardrobe like a new blouse or sweater can you make feel like a whole new person. It gives you a new sense of confidence and happiness! Who doesn't love that feeling? So show yourself some love. You deserve it lady because you're a hardworking badass!


Halo's For Honey's:

Speaking of empowered women, did you see our Halo's For Honey's merchandise yet? We are currently showcasing our "Rosie Newsletter" Halo's. Look out for new designs soon! 

 They are our favorite accessory by far (and not just because they are made by our beautiful mother), but because of what they mean to us. For us, they represent the strength and beauty in every woman. We believe that there is something in a woman's DNA, something inside her soul, that pushes and drives her to overcome any struggle or obstacle that stands in her way. To push back her hair, roll up her sleeves, and get the job done! For us, these Halos pay tribute to the strength and spirit in all women everywhere!

Our mother makes theses Halo's by individually sewing each Halo carefully with lots of love and attention to detail! She created these adorable headbands one day when she was sewing a dress. Her hair kept falling in her eyes, she grabbed 3 pieces of fabric, sewed them together real quick, and voila! She liked it so much, she decided to get creative with various fabrics and started sewing different ties to the ends. She made a couple for herself, but before she knew it, people were asking her everywhere she went where she bought them. So she started sewing them for her friends, her friend's friends and here we are! We knew we had to share them with everyone! 

We all feel so blessed to not only create a brand that sells fun apparel, but also to be able to offer Halo's. They are a special product that is close our hearts and unique to our brand. 


If you have any questions about our Halo's For Honey's or our brand, please send us an email at support@taylorcambria.com.